Teaching and Reacerch Center of Civil and Commercial Law

Xue Hong
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Professor, Tutor for Ph.D. Candidate of Beijing Normal University Law School, Ph.D. Director of Institute for Internet Policy and Law Thereof, Holder of Title the Fourth 'Ten Distinguished Young Jurists' of China Law Society, Only Asian Executive Member of International Association for Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property, Only Asian Editorial Board Member of Academic Journal World Intellectual Property, Expert of Domain Name Dispute Resolution Mechanism of World Intellectual Property Organization, China Regional Director of Institute for Global Intellectual Property Reform, Member of President Advisory Committee for International Internet Management Institution, One of the founders of the Community of Asia Pacific Internet Organizations, Guest Researcher of Information Society Project of Yale  University Law School. Main research fields: Intellectual Property Law, Information Technology Law, Internet Policy and Law, etc Taught in Hongkong University for many years, awarded with the Distinguished Youth Research Prize given by Hongkong University, Lead the Hongkong University Delegation to won the Champion of the 1st Asian Moot Court Contest as the Guide Teacher, Visited more than 40 countries and districts, made academic exchanges with more than 20 globally renowned universities, research institutions and international organizations regularly.